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Skill Sets Practice

Monthly practice groups focusing on the skill sets of the Hakomi method

Skill Sets Practice Groups

Skill sets practice groups are perfect for you that are one the path of becoming a Hakomi practitioner or if you have some practice in Hakomi and want to learn more about the specific skill sets.


Skill sets practice groups are facilitated by advanced students (over 50 training days) and practitioners in team Hakomi Norway. It's always facilitated in English because we're an international group. 

To join the practice group is free of charge, but we would love a small donation to the association so that we can further our online projects. 

Note that you need to have been to at least one Hakomi training with an international trainer to join our skill sets practice groups. Our approach in these groups is a bit more analytical and discussion based than a regular training or our open practice groups (Hakomi Breakfast Club and Hakomi Weekend Reset). So it's important that you already have had an experience with the method on beforehand. Also, experiences with or background in similar or complimentary methods (meditation, other body psychotherapy etc.) doesn't count as a foundation for join this group.  

Fall 2021: "Hakomi as three phases"

  • Skill sets practice: Nourishment & Healing (Phase 3)
    Nov 03, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+1
    This fall the topic of all the skill sets groups will be "Hakomi as three phases". Which means we will do practices based on the building blocks of a Hakomi therapy session. This practice group is for everyone that has been to at least one Hakomi training. Free of charge/on donation.
  • Hakomi Practitioner Session Practice (3)
    Nov 07, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT+1
    Welcome to our practice group where we focus on practicing on how to give a Hakomi session, and giving feedback (in a Hakomi way) to others. The focus this time will be on nourishment and healing (Phase 3). We recommend that you have at least 10 training days to join. Velkommen!