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Welcome to training about Loving Presence

Science is telling us that a genuine loving state of mind of a practitioner in a helping relationship is much more important as a healing factor than any method that is applied.

Healing happens within a calm and present centered awareness. The Hakomi Method teaches us how to listen deeply to another human being and how to cultivate a state of mind that provides a gentle and safe container for emotional healing to happen where compassion naturally arises within us. We´re not triggered into states of self preservation in the face of our own or another person´s suffering but actually feel rewarded and inspired by the gift of being together in this journey of self discovery. We will explore step by step through experiential practices how to enter and cultivate this state of mind that is the foundation of the Hakomi Method and that the founder of Hakomi, Ron Kurtz, called Loving Presence .

It will not only enrich your practice as a therapist and teach you how to prevent burn out when working in this state of mind, but also opens the possibility for us to feel more connected and happy in your intimate relationships.

Welcome to our next 2 day multilevel training on Zoom, June 12-13, with international Hakomi trainer Bettina Deuster, where we're going to explore the topic of Loving Presence, and more specifically "What shall we do about suffering?".

Pricing: 1700 NOK for two days (early bird. registration before May 20)

950NOK for one day

To register, go here.

Take also a look at this video for a presentation from Bettina:)

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