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New event! Welcome to Hakomi Summer Breakfast Club

After getting feedback that people would miss the breakfast club during the summer, we've decided to host a summer version every Monday in July! It will start an hour later than usual (9-10 am CEST, instead of 8-9 am CEST) and we will add an extra 15 minutes so we have a bit more time in each practice and in the debrief:)

About the Hakomi Summer Breakfast Club:

Hakomi Summer Breakfast Club is an informal practice group in the Hakomi method hosted by Hakomi practitioners and advanced students (over 45 training days) in Team Hakomi Norway

We will first do a joint mindfulness exploration together, then a practice in pairs, and then a sharing at the end.


Mondays in July 2022, 9.00 -10.15 am (CEST) on Zoom.

Registration & Cost:

To join the club is free of charge, but we would love a small donation to the association to further our online projects and specifically our hybrid projects (Saving up to the Owl Camera!!). Go here, for more info on donation.

In the Summer Breakfast Club you can decide if you just want to sign up for one Monday or sign up for all. You will then get a reminder email one day and 30 minutes before the event you signed up for starts!

For whom:

Every level of experience with Hakomi is welcome to join! Also you that is new to the method. And you don't need to follow a training with us or any other team to join. You're also welcome to just observe the first time (mark this in the registration form), if that's feel easier.

Language: English. We're an international group:) But if you're in a breakout room with someone who shares your native language, you're of course more than welcome to speak that language.

Other info:

You will also get the opportunity to join the Breakfast Club group in the membership area on our web page, for discussions and inspiration.

You're also welcome to join this happening as lunch/dinner/night supper club;) Here are some examples of the time schedule around the world:

BST/IST/WEST (UK, Ireland, Portugal): 8-9.15 am

EEST (Tallinn, Athen):10-11.15 am

HKT/ CST(Hong Kong, Taiwan): 3-4.15 pm

JST (Japan):4-5.15 pm

AEST (Melbourne, Sydney): 5-6.15 pm

NZDT (New Zealand): 8-9.15 pm

HST (Honolulu): 9-10.15 pm.

PDT (Vancouver, Seattle, LA):Midnight-1.15 am

Check your time zone difference here.

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