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Terms and conditions for circles

By completing the registration form for a particular circle, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below and they will be incorporated into the contract between us.


This Agreement was last modified on October 15, 2019.

1. Registration

1.1 Registration is only valid through the registration form for the particular training on our website. You will find the link to the registration form on the Facebook event or under the "Aktiviteter" section on our website. Email, text message or clicking attend on the Facebook event does not count as a registration. 


1.2 Registration is binding, which means that if you regret your registration or some other plans get in your way, you have to follow our cancellation policy. See section 3. Or transfer policy. See section 4. 


1.3 If you have any disability or medical condition that requires us to make special arrangements for you or any special dietary requirements (snacks), please write this in the questions/comments section. See also section 7 (The participant’s responsibility). 


1.4 The circles are mainly for people that has been to at least one training day of Hakomi. If you never been to a training but would like to go as a client/assistant, please send us an email to You can also join if you've registered for the following training. 

1.5 In the registration form you choose between client and assistant. Choose only one. But when you are a client you can also join as an assistant. If all the client spots are booked, we will write you an email and ask if you want to stand on the waiting list and/or want to be an assistant. 

2. Fees, payment options and due date for payment


2.1 All  fees are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Client/assistant fee is exempt from VAT. 


2.2 Due date for payment is 14 days from the date you receive the invoice. 0-3 days after registration. 

2.3 if you want one invoice for both circle and training, remember to sign this off in the registration form. 


2.4 If you want to pay the participant fee in installments (not recommended for participants from abroad because of transaction fees), you have to mention this in the questions/comments section in the registration form. To get this payment option you have to register at least 30 days before the workshop and pay an administration fee of 10 NOK per installment (which means 10 NOK for 2 installments and 20 NOK for 3 installments) . Read more about paying in installments by following this link (in Norwegian). 



2.5 Payment options for Norwegian participants/participants with a Norwegian bank account; 


2.5.1 Du kan velge om du vil betale med faktura tilsendt på email  eller Vipps-faktura (e-faktura i Vipps). Husk å bruk kid-nummer når du betaler i nettbank. 


2.5.2 Dersom du vil ha Vipps- faktura krysser du av for dette under spørsmålet om dette i registreringsskjemaet. Dersom du ikke bruker Vipps, men liker Efaktura, kan du også krysse av for Vipps-faktura under dette spørsmålet. Da må du ha registrert i nettbanken din at du ønsker å motta E-fakturaer, og da får du fakturaen direkte inn i nettbanken din, og du trenger bare å godkjenne innen betalingsfristen. Les ellers mer om registrering av Vipps-faktura her:


2.5.3 Husk at man også nå kan betale vanlige fakturaer i Vipps gjennom å taste inn kid-nummer/kontonummer eller scanne QR-koden fra fakturaen tilsendt på mail. Ønsker du å gjøre dette krysser du ikke av for Vipps-faktura. Funksjonen du bruker i Vipps heter "Scann".


2.5.4 Hakomi-sirkler kan ikke betales med Vipps-nummer. Det er kun donasjoner vi tar imot gjennom Vipps-nummer. Dersom du betaler entraining med Vipps-nummer må du tilbakebetale det gebyret som blir trukket fra (1,75% av hele beløpet). 


2.6 To participants coming from abroad:


2.6.1 Participants from Europe (both EU and non-EU):

When you book the circle (and training) you can choose if you want to pay with Transferwise or with regular bank transaction that will cost you an extra transfer fee of 50 NOK. If you use regular bank transaction you use the option SHARED COSTS. This is because of new EU regulations. We therefore recommend that you use Transferwise. 


2.6.2 Participants from outside Europe:

When you pay you choose the option OUR which means thats issuer pays all the expenses. We will recommend you to use the app TransferWise. A lot cheaper and faster than a regular international transaction.

2.6.3 If the issuer do a mistake in the transaction (both via Transferwise and regular bank transaction) so that the amount that reach our bank account is below the invoice fee. The issuer has to pay that remaining amount in cash when he/she arrives at the training. This type of mistake can happen if you forget to lock the amount at TransferWise or forget to add the transfer fee to the full amount on Transferwise. 

2.6.4 When using Transferwise. Please write the invoice number first in the sentence you write as a message. 


2.7 Due date for payment, added fees and confirmation


2.7.1 If we’re not received your payment on the due date (14 days after received invoice. 0-3 days after registration) you’ll will first get a reminder by text message/email to pay the fee approximately three days after the due date. 14 days after the due date you will get a new invoice with a 50 NOK delay fee with a 14 days due date. Then the invoice will be sent to debt collection and further costs will be added. 

2.7.2 For Norwegian participants that pay with Vipps faktura: Fakturaen vil ligge inne på appen 14 dager etter betalingsfristen, deretter blir den borte. Påminnelsesfakturaen med 50 NOK ekstra i gebyr vil ikke bli sendt som Vipps-faktura, men som mail. Men du kan bruke qr-kode eller kid-nummer/kontonummer å betale gjennom Vipps likevel gjennom funksjonen "Skann".


2.7.3 You will get a confirmation by email when your payment is registered in our system. 

3. Cancelation policy



More than 30 days before the training: An administration fee of NOK 200,- applies. Paid amount will be refunded with the administration fee subtracted from the total amount or an invoice with the administration fee will be sent to the customer. 


For clients: 30 -15 days before workshop/training: we retain 50% of the total amount of the circle or send an invoice for 50% of the total amount.



14 - 0 days before the training/workshop or no show: the full amount of the participant fee applies. No refund or the customer will be sent an invoice equivalent of the full participant fee.



You cancel by sending us an email to . Remember that you also can transfer the participant fee to another training for an administration fee of 150 NOK. See section 4. 


It's very important that you let us know if you can't come as a client, so we can open the spots on the waiting list. 

4. Transfer participant fee to another training


4.1 If you can’t attend the circle you booked, but you’re sure you want to come to another circle/training, we can transfer the paid amount to the circle/training of your choice for an administration fee of 150 NOK. But remember that this option is only possible until 14 days before the circle. We will then send you an invoice with this administration fee. Or we will send you an invoice with the participant fee and the administration fee. 


4.2 14-0 days before the training the rule from 3.3 applies. 

4.3 You can change circle  by sending us an email to  

5. Illness/injury during the circle


5.1In some instances of serious illness/injury we can transfer the remaining amount to another training for an administration fee of 150 NOK. If you get ill/injured right before the training and can’t attend any of the days the rules in section 3 and 4 (the  cancellation policy and change of training) apply. 


6. If the circle is cancelled


6.1 In the case of cancellation of the circle (if the trainer gets sick etc.) the full amount paid will be refunded or we can transfer the fee to the next workshop(without administration fee). Hakomi Norway is not responsible for any other costs that the participant may have related to the training participation.


6.2 In case of Force majeure (war, fire, natural disaster etc.) Hakomi Norway is exempt from all responsibility.

7. The participants’ responsibility 


7.1 The circle arranged by Hakomi Norway are open to people in every walks of life over the age of 18. However, you need to have a sufficient ability to self care. Both during and after the workshop. Difficult emotions can sometimes arise during a training and our trainers and assistants have the capacity to offer support, but not to the extent that it affects the training in a major way. If you’re unsure if your capable of attend a training please contact us by email ( and we can go more into detail of what we mean by self care. We know also that some might underestimate their readiness to attend a training. 


7.2 If you are late to the circle or prevented from attending the circle due to travel delays or any other circumstances, we shall not be obliged to provide you with a refund or to wait to start the training until you arrive. It’s important that you read the welcome letter for the specific circle so you follow the procedure for the particular venue if you’re late. 


7.3 Participants that act in an inappropriate manner at the circle, will be required to leave the training and we shall not be liable to refund your participant fee. 



7.4 You must keep your personal belongings with you at all times and we accept no liability for any damage to, loss of or theft of any of your belongings or other items brought to the training by you.

8. Confidentiality and personal information

8.1 We respect your privacy and it’s important that you respect the privacy of the other participants. This means that we have a confidentiality contract. The trainer will talk more about this in the beginning of each training.


8. 2 When you register for a circle you agree to be enlisted in Hakomi Norway’s customer registry. The participant’s personal information will never be given to a third part.

9. Photography and filming

9.1 We may sometimes wish to photograph or film on the training for the purposes of promoting future workshops or otherwise. This will not be done without the participant’s consent. We will also contact the participants that initially agreed to be photographed/filmed before we publish the content, in case the participants have changed their mind. You may not photograph or video the training without our prior consent.

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