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Internasjonal hakomi-trener, hakomi-practitioner

Sophie practices bodymind therapies since 1999. She is a certified practitioner in Hakomi and Structural Integration. Since 2008 she teaches Hakomi in England and more recently in Switzerland and Spain.

Sophie lives in Switzerland and has a private practice in Lausanne and Bex. She cultivates a strong relationship with nature having worked many years as a shepherd in the Swiss mountains,  she practices zen meditation and cycling.



“I met Hakomi during my Structural Integration training and it felt like coming home to myself. Like I could be who I wanted to be in this world, and could relate to others with more freedom from that place. 

My training in becoming a Hakomi Practitioner (which I did in the Uk)  has  given me a wonderful tool to work with others and also a sense of belonging to this world, this life, full of enough good hearted people to know it can be okay. Nowadays, witnessing that happening to others is one of the big gifts of my work.”

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