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About recording of practice sessions

A practitioner student that does Hakomi sessions organized through Hakomi Norway has at least 45 training days in the Hakomi method and practice sessions in the purpose of becoming a Hakomi practitioner. The student also take deepening skills/certification courses with international Hakomi trainers during this time of practice. 

For the purpose on doing self review, getting feedback and certification, the student needs to have clients that allow the sessions to be recorded. 

You as a practice client can decide if you want to be recorded or not, the levels of use of the recordings, and the use of recordings after the practitioner student is certified. A student close to certification will probably prioritize having practice clients that allow recordings being sent to a trainer, but it isn't a demand to be recorded if you're a practice client. It's very helpful for the practitioner student to have a variety of clients to be able to record a video that has all the requirements for certification. 

If you allow the recordings to be shared either with a co-student, trainer or both, the recordings will always be shared as a link (not a file). Either trough an unlisted (not public) Youtube/Vimeo link or viewer permission from Google Drive or DropBox. Which means that the video file can't be shared and owned by any other than the practitioner student that did the recording. The practitioner student has in that way fully control over the recording file.

If you have any other questions regarding this, before signing the consent form, please send an email to or talk to the practitioner student you will be going to. 

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