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New online training series: "From Doing to Being"

This fall we welcome you to a three part training series with

Georgia Marvin & Bettina Deuster!

The theme for this training series is “from doing to being”. We will explore in a Hakomi way the possibility of shifting from the habit of automatic doing to an experience of dropping into being. Being human, vulnerable and present. Having a heart that connects us with others in a felt and compassionate way. We can all be a healing presence for each other when we allow to relax into the magic of a heartfelt presence. From that place we will create and explore the different types of Hakomi experiments that support self-discovery and healing.


6 October

3 November

8 December

6pm-9pm (CEST/CET).

Check time difference here.


1600 NOK if you sign up for the entire three part series at once.

600 NOK for each 3 hour session.

Unsure what NOK is in your currency, try this currency converter.

*We have no extra transfer fees for our online events.

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