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Internasjonal hakomi-trener, hakomi-practitioner

Hakomi was surprising from the beginning, the powerful effect of calm, the loving and respectful following of the internal process, the confidence in the inner wisdom. The non-judgment and the appreciation of the virtues and beauty of each person. It was profoundly powerful and liberating to discover the beliefs about myself and the world. The deep healing of the missing experiences. Hakomi changed my life deeply.

I have trained in different approaches in Self-discovery and healing since 1995, Hakomi has been from the beginning an amazing process, deeply healing, where I feel at home. I did 5 complete trainings in Hakomi, the first one in 2000 with Ron Kurtz, 2004 with Donna Martin, 2007 with Bob Milone, 2009 and 2010 with Georgia Marvin, plus the privilege of participating in several Master Classes with Ron, Donna, Flint Sparks and Georgia. I became a Certified Trainer of the international community of the Hakomi Education Network in 2011. Since 2000, in addition to the other specialties that I offer, my main sharing has been Hakomi.

I feel honored and grateful to accompany and share the powerful effect that Hakomi has and see how it transforms the lives of people and frees them from unnecessary suffering.

I am a Somatic Experience student, Peter Levine’s trauma healing method, which flows naturally with Hakomi, and I am amazed at the ability to heal and the deep intelligence of the body.

The wisdom of Buddhism, Taoism and Nonviolent Communication are for me a treasure to cultivate honesty in relationships with compassion, empathy and deep nonviolence.

Art and nature are a door to connect with the joy of Being.

I currently live in Mexico City.

I am very grateful to walk and share this path of compassion, self-discovery, and the freedom to be human beings with heart.

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