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Internasjonal Hakomi-trener, hakomi-practitioner

My journey has taken me to live almost 20 years in Mexico, and I ́m very lucky to be the mother of 4 children.
My inner suffering forced me to seek relief and help, which led me to body psychotherapy and meditation. The impact it had on my conscience and sense of living was profound. It felt like coming back to a source of inner happiness that I had been looking for so desperately.
Through this experience, I wanted to learn to accompany others on their healing journey. I trained as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist, as a Core Energetics Therapist, and with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin as a Hakomi Practitioner. I am also a disciple and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo’s teaching of meditation and the psychology of the Enneagram. Later, I became a trainer with the Hakomi Network.
I currently live in Germany, working in my private practice of body psychotherapy, and training a German Hakomi Network Group.
In my personal healing journey, Hakomi has become a daily practice of self study. It teaches me to live with a cheerful and open heart. It is a heartfelt passion to share this gentle, healing and compassionate Hakomi Method as a teacher and trainer.

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