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Loving presence

An integrated combination of attitude, emotional state and focus of attention. This state of mind has a profound effect on the development of relationships.


unconscious organizers of experience that exert a very strong influence on our whole way of being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Unnecessary suffering

because of experiences, beliefs and adaptations that were developed in early life situations, we suffer by being blinded by unconscious habits rather than being present and fully awake.

Missing experiences

experiences that are experiential, relational, positive and conducive to establishing a sense of coherence in an individual; experiences that are not available to a person because of limiting belief structures.


“the capacity to observe one’s inner experience in what the ancient texts call a fully aware and non-clinging way; used for short periods of time in Hakomi to notice the automatic results of experiments.


the process of bringing attention to the present moment, noticing both the signs of the client’s present experience and the more enduring qualities from which experiments are designed.


the state of being in contact with a client and a simple statement of the client’s present moment experience.

Taking over

There are different forms of taking over, both physical and verbal. All of them have the quality of supporting the client’s emotional management behaviors.


habitual behaviors, usually nonverbal and almost always done automatically, outside of awareness, which are clues to the situations the person has faced in life and the adaptations made to those emotionally charged situations. 


The unique contribution of Hakomi is that the method contains, as a necessary element, precise experiments done with a person in a mindful state, the purpose being to evoke emotions, memoties and reaction that will reveal or help access the implicit beliefs and early experiences and adaptations that are influencing the person’s non-conscious, habitual behaviors.

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